Indulge Hairdressing - Covid-19

Indulge Covid-19

Health & Safety

Policies & Procedures

Social Distancing

You must maintain 1m+ social distancing where possible, including while arriving at and departing from work, while in work and when travelling between zones. Social distancing applies to all parts of the salon:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Salon area and zones
  • Break room
  • Retail areas
  • Washbasins

We know that this isn’t possible at all time’s in salon as we are a close contact profession, but the policies and procedures I have put in place are to keep everyone as safe as I possibly can.

Steps we have put in place:

  • Staggering arrival and departure times at work to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace -using back entrance as well as front entrance for staff
  • Using a one-way flow at entry and exit points
  • Providing hand sanitizer upon entry, at reception and throughout salon
  • No crowding allowed throughout salon, including reception desk, out the back only 2 members of staff at once, maximum
  • Signage to remind both staff and clients to follow safety measures whilst in premises
  • Regulating use of high traffic areas in-salon
  • Staff members to have their lunch outside of the salon
  • Client’s to pre-pay for appointment’s initially and only use card payment, preferably contactless.

Arrival of staff

  • When a staff member arrives, they will need to be met by Management outside the salon front door, where Covid-19 staff checks will be made including temperature taken.
  • PPE will be given to apply before entering
  • Staff member will enter and use Sanitisation unit inside the door
  • Staff will sterilise phone, keys personal belongings they have with them. Which will extend to small purse, phone, keys & lunch. These will then be put into their locker.
  • Hair will need to be tied back if long and in face

Pre-arrival of client’s

  • Client’s must fill out our new online consultation form’s on our website. Covid-19 form must be filled out on the day of appointment. Appointment consultation form can be filled out once appointment is booked. If a client has coloured their hair themselves, a follow up phone call will need to take place and the appropriate questions asked to make sure we have a full picture and can allocate correct timings.
  • Appointment consultation will be printed off of the computer and placed on staff clipboard along with their appointment day sheet.
  • The whole salon will be checked to make sure it fits all of our safety measures.
  • Management will complete check list, date and sign each day

Arrival of client’s

  • Staff must run to time with client’s as when a client arrives to the salon, they will not be allowed to enter until the stylist is ready, if there is an unforeseen circumstance where a stylist is running behind the stylist will make front of house aware in plenty of time so next client can be informed. Clients are asked to be near their phone and check phone before traveling to salon in case we need to contact them.
  • We ask all client’s to arrive 5 minutes prior to their allocated appointment so that there is time for all necessary checks to be done. Client isn’t to enter building without being accompanied by staff member.
  • When the client arrives, we will ask them to call us and a staff member will go down to greet them. If client cannot get through on the phone, we would like them to walk to the front of the salon as staff will be looking out for them.
    We would have already checked to see if they have filled each consultation form out. If they have not, we will take the tablet with us to greet them, to make sure they fill out before entering -we find forms at under tab consultations
  • We will also run through Covid-19 questions again to make sure all is correct
  • Temperature will be taken with non-contact thermometer
  • The client will be given their indulge bag, which will include three bags with indulge sanitised sticker on each. These will include individually wrapped disposable face mask, their individual disposable towel and disposable gown.
  • Clients will be able to bring essential items into the salon, payment card, phone etc. this will be placed in their personal indulge bag. Coats/jackets are to be left in their car as we will not be handling them.
  • Client will put their face mask on before entering
  • Client will use hand sanitiser as they enter the building
  • The client will follow staff member up to the salon and be guided straight through to their stylist’s zone and directed to their chair. This chair will be the client’s chair for the whole duration of their visit

Departure of client’s

  • When the service is completed for each client, we will minimise crowding at the reception desk by using payment at the styling chair with our wireless payment and booking machines
  • Each client will be led out of the salon safely with checks to make sure there are no crowding or people in the walk way.
  • Clients will take their indulge bag home with them to be able to dispose of their face mask and gloves themselves when ready to outside of the building.
  • Hand sanitiser is available on their way out also if they would like to use before leaving

PPE and Face Coverings

All staff members will wear a face mask, protective shield, gloves when needed.

First shampoo must be clarifying shampoo on all clients, to remove any dirt, build up etc, in the hair. If colouring, and not wearing gloves to apply colour, hand sanitise before mixing colour up and again before starting service.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before putting a face mask on, and after removing it
  • When wearing a face covering, avoid touching your face or face covering, as you could contaminate them with germs from your hands -do not move mask to talk. Your mask needs to cover nose and mouth at all times
  • Continue to wash your hands or hand sanitise between each client and when you take gloves off
  • Change and disinfect your face shield at the end of every day and sterilise ready for next day
  • Disposable towels, gowns, capes and aprons for staff are to be used -fresh apron and gloves when needed, will be re-applied for each client

Hygiene and sanitisation

  • Preparation of each work station will include:
    • A visual check for safety of every item in work space. You must check that you have a sanitised sign on your chair before you take a client over to be seated.
    • Disposable chair cover will be placed over your chair
    • Your zip up tool bag will have the tools you need in them for each individual client and be fully cleaned, disinfected and sterilised, then marked with sterilised sticker -after use of any tools they will go straight over to out sanitisation station, to be cleaned, disinfected and sterilised before use on another client.
    Sanitisation process


    Clippercide spray, Barbicide solution for 10 minutes, sterilised with UV wand (10 seconds)


    Clippercide spray, sterilised with UV wand (10 seconds)

    Electrical equipment:

    Barbicide spray, sterilised with UV wand (10 seconds)

  • Workstations will be fully cleaned between every client in designated sanitisation time and a sterilised sign placed on station so all staff know this has been prepared for next client
  • Signs and posters are around salon to build awareness of good hand washing technique, the need to increase hand washing frequency, use of hand sanitiser and to avoid touching of face.
  • Hand sanitiser in multiple locations throughout the salon – Clients and staff will sanitise their hands upon arrival and as they leave.
  • Our toilet will be cleaned and disinfected after every use. All staff will clean after they have used, plus in between every client using our facilities, these will be cleaned and disinfected. To give even more confidence for our client’s we will also have wipes or spray available in the toilet should clients want to use these themselves before using the bathroom. We have a bin for the disposal of this.
  • Enhanced cleaning for the whole salon is in place
  • More waste facilities are available in salon and more frequent rubbish collection is in place
  • Disposable towels are provided in the bathroom with designated bin.
  • No contact for client’s for retail products, if a client would like to purchase products their stylist can collect these for them. They will then be wiped over with disinfectant wipe and put into the clients indulge bag for them. They will be entered onto the computer manually.
  • Each tool that is used on a client will be cleaned, disinfected and sterilised before being used on another client. This includes everything from brushes, clips, combs, scissors, hairdryer, styling tools, plug sockets etc. Anything that has been used or touched during each visit.
  • Disinfectant wipe will be used on styling products used on client’s and only returned back to sanitised station once done so. If a member of staff is using a product you need, you can take off of their work station but you must wipe over with disinfectant wipe before you use.
  • Screens are fitted in the salon to give another level of protection where needed.
  • As always, at the end of each working day a very thorough deep clean of the salon will take place

Indulge Promises to do everything in our power to keep our clients and staff as safe as we possibly can!

Download copy of our Indulge Covid-19 Health & Safety Policies & Procedures: